Kaye Adams says she was the victim of sexism at the beginning of her career.

Kaye Adams victim of sexism at beginning of career

Kaye Adams victim of sexism at beginning of career

The 61-year-old journalist - who is best known as a long-serving anchor on ITV's 'Loose Women' - claimed she was propositioned by a boss twice her age and slapped on the bottom by another.

On the proposition, she told the 'How To Be 60' podcast: "I can remember ¬standing there with this gin and tonic in my hand thinking, 'Oh, what am I gonna do?' And I giggled.'"

And, speaking about being groped and slapped, she said: "I was standing up leaning against a pillar and my boss, who was a bit older – he was the boss boss – came out.

"Everyone was terrified of him, and actually I really liked this man and he was really good to me. But as he walked past me he slapped my a*** and really grabbed my a*** and laughed as he went by.

"I was about 24 and I just remember that rush of embarrassment. My cheeks went red, I didn't know what to do. A bit of you is conflicted, but you didn't, you just shut up.

"He laughed and he walked out, and everyone else laughed."

But Kaye said there was nothing she could do about it at the time.

She said: "And the attitudes... casual sexism all the time, you know, slapping women's a**** and not even thinking about it, it's not even an issue whatsoever, which you look at now and you think, 'Oh, my God', but then you think, 'Jesus'.

"The other thing... casual ¬racism and also homophobia."

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