Kerri Quinn has joined 'Coronation Street' as the mother of Simon Barlow's bully Tyler Jefferies.

Alex Bain

Alex Bain

The 35-year-old actress is said to have been offered the role of Vicky Jefferies - the mum of gang leader Tyler (Will Barnett), who recruited Simon (Alex Bain) into helping him perform a series of muggings - after she initially tried out for a different part, which she missed out on.

According to the Belfast Telegraph newspaper, Kerri has been sworn to secrecy about her involvement in 'Corrie', but has said her character's son is already involved in the soap and that her alter-ego will resolve a "problem" with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

Kerri - who recently starred opposite Christopher Eccleston in 'Come Home' - is thought to be working on 10 'Corrie' episodes for now, and is expected to keep her Belfast accent for the part.

What's more, the actress' agent sent a story idea to the show's bosses proposing her character could be the daughter of Jim McDonald (Charles Lawson) - who will return to Weatherfield later this year - but she could fall in love with his son Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), unaware that he is her half-sister.

She told the publication: "I sent that storyline to my agent and he sent it to 'Coronation Street', but I can't see it making it into the programme."

Kerri recently took to Twitter to reveal she in Manchester - where 'Corrie' is set - and feeling nervous.

She wrote: "So off to Manchester in the morning for a few months. Excited yet bricking it. Let me know if you're around for a bev. (sic)"