Lorraine Kelly suffers from "working class cringe" whenever she is invited to a glitzy event.

Lorraine Kelly still considers herself to be working class

Lorraine Kelly still considers herself to be working class

The 64-year-old presenter - who has been married to Steve Smith since 1992 and has daughter Rosie, 29, with him - has been a mainstay on breakfast television since the early 1990s, but admitted that years later she still considers herself to be working-class and always worries that she will be asked to leave a glamorous do because of her roots.

Speaking on the 'How To Be 60' podcast, she told 'Loose Women' anchor Kaye Adams: "I still have working-class cringe, that voice if you get an invitation to say go and meet Prince William for some charity thing.

"You go, ‘Oh God, I can’t go. As I walk through somebody’s going to tap my shoulder and say, 'Nah, you can’t get in, you’re working class, away you go.' '’

"It’s weird, I know it’s silly and I talk to myself about it and say don’t be daft, but I still have that kind of feeling.

"If you look on the outside, I’ve got my wee house down south and we do very well and here we are toddling off to go camping in Zimbabwe, but yes, I do consider myself working class and I’m very proud of it.”

The TV star - who presented her own segment on 'GMTV' until it was axed in 2010, and has hosted her self-titled morning show ever since - isn't a fan of going to red carpet events.

She said: "For a start, it’s a faff, you’ve got to get ready.

"It’s ­probably a Scottish thing – don’t get too big for your boots, don’t draw attention. I’m not daft, I know things will stop eventually. But I never take it for granted."