Lateysha Grace is aiming to earn her two-year-old daughter £1 million in her new TV show.

Lateysha Grace and Wynter

Lateysha Grace and Wynter

The 25-year-old reality star and her toddler, Wynter, will appear in new MTV series 'Million Dollar Baby', which will follow the duo's journey in working towards earning the youngster the huge sum and helping her to become the next child star.

She told MTV: "Growing up, my mum never had money and we didn't have the best of life, so I always knew when I had a child, I just wanted to give them the best life I could, so this is why we're doing this journey and I hope you love it."

The Welsh beauty shot to fame on MTV reality series 'The Valleys' - which aired from 2012-2015 - before appearing on 'Big Brother' in 2016, but she admits Wynter is the "best thing" that has ever happened in her life.

She said: "Every moment is a cute moment with Wynter.

"She's honestly the most amazing, beautiful, smart, funny child. She's the best thing that has ever, ever, ever happened to me."

The star has been open about her own rags to riches story after growing up, and she is determined to give her daughter the best start in life by securing photo shoots, mummy-baby brand partnerships and their own clothing range.

Wynter's father Ben Charles, Lateysha's manager Luke, her best friend Erin and the rest of her family will also appear in 'Million Dollar Baby', which airs on MTV on May 9th at 8pm.