Lee Mack wants a cameo in 'Coronation Street'.

Lee Mack wants a part in Coronation Street

Lee Mack wants a part in Coronation Street

The 55-year-old comedian has already fulfilled one of his two career goals by appearing in a 2018 episode of 'Doctor Who', but the star has also always wanted to land a part in the ITV1 soap, and Lee has suggested he could simply walk into the famous Rovers Return pub to deliver a few dramatic lines.

Speaking on the 'Walking the Dog' podcast, he said: "When I started in showbiz, there were two things I wanted to do – be in 'Doctor Who', and a little part in 'Corrie'.

“I’m not joking, I would like a small part in 'Coronation Street'. I’ll just pop in, go up to the bar at the Rovers, they go ‘Are you new round here?’ and I go ‘Yeah, I just sacked the secretary and I’ll tell you something, she’s not coming back if she’s spreading rumours like that about me,’ and then I just go again."

However, the 'Not Going Out' star - who is married to Tara McKillop and has kids Arlo, 20, Louie, 18, and 11-year-old Millie with her - isn't keen to spend more than a handful of days on the set of the Manchester-based soap, because he likes being at home.

He said: "But I’m not willing to spend more than two or three days on set because I’ve got things to do. When I say ‘things to do’, I just like being at home!"

In his long-running sitcom, Lee plays a fictionalised version of himself who rarely leaves his London flat, and he recently explained the idea for the show came to him when he was starring alongside sketch show legend Catherine Tate and fellow comedian Dan Antopolski at the Edinburgh Fringe.

He told the Christmas issue of Radio Times magazine: "I was doing a sketch show at the Fringe (comedy festival) in Edinburgh with Catherine Tate and Dan Antopolski.

"There was a thought I had that wasn’t even a joke – me looking out of a window with a telescope, my wife walks in and I suddenly look up at the stars.

"In other words, what the hell was I looking at?

"At best mildly amusing, not a sketch but an idea, so I parked it.

"Then I had another and another and the sketch grew into a quarter of the show and then became a pilot.”