Lisa Stansfield rejected an offer to appear on ‘Coronation Street’.

Lisa Stansfield rejected an offer to appear on Coronation Street

Lisa Stansfield rejected an offer to appear on Coronation Street

The 58-year-old singer has revealed that before Michelle Collins was cast as the Rovers Return landlady Stella Price in 2010, she had been offered the part, though ultimately decided to turn it down because working on the show would mean she would have to put her music career on hold.

During an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: “I was offered once the part to play the landlady of the Rovers Return. I am the biggest 'Corrie' fan.

“I always wanted to go in the Rovers and just have a little game of darts. And they offered me a part, and it was for two years. It would have tied me down. I was not allowed to do anything else. So, unfortunately, it kind of jammed.”

She isn't ruling out a stint on the cobbles in the future, although she'd be happy with a cameo.

She added: "Maybe in the future. But I really would still love to just sit in the Rovers, secretly on my own."

‘Coronation Street’ isn’t the only programme Lisa has turned down, as the ‘People Hold On’ hitmaker previously revealed she had rejected an offer to appear on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ because she believed taking part in the series would make her feel “really uncomfortable and horrible”.

Speaking with BANG Showbiz, she said: “I've been asked to do it but I'm not going to do it ... It's just not me it would make me feel really uncomfortable and horrible and I don't want to do it.

“It's quite amazing how obsessed everyone is by ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. I don't watch it so I don't know anything about it. The only thing I know about the show is my beautiful backing singer Andrea Grant is on it.

“I really don't have an interest in it and people think, I'm a freak because I'm not obsessed by ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, but it just doesn't appeal to me.

“I'm really sorry but I can't get into it. You get treated like a complete pariah if you don't like things like that!”

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