Coronation Street's Liz McDonald wants to "hit" her "dead" daughter when she finds out she is alive.

Liz McDonald

Liz McDonald

Beverley Callard, who plays the cobbles matriarch, has revealed her alter-ego will be left shocked when her husband Jim McDonald (Charlie Lawson) returns to Weatherfield, and even more surprised when he reveals their daughter Katie, who was thought to have passed away after she was born prematurely in 1992, is in fact alive.

She said: "When he breaks the news that Katie is alive she just thinks it is ridiculous and she can't accept it. She thinks he is deluded and that maybe he is being conned into believing something that is not true.

"Later on at the lunch they sit and talk and he points out a girl in the bistro on another table and she walks over and says, 'Hello, mum.'

"Liz just wants to hit her, she thinks it is ridiculous, she goes back to her base instincts of being a lioness protecting her family and herself and almost fishwife status she goes down into the gutter emotionally as well.

"She is very angry at the whole situation and very confused."

Liz's son Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) also dismisses that Katie - who is now known as Hannah - is his sister, but starts to come round to the idea "in typical Steve fashion" when there is talk of suing the hospital.

Beverley added: "Jim breaks the news to Steve but Steve does not believe it at all, even if Steve did want to believe it he has got Tracy in his ear and of course Tracy has got the bit between her teeth.

"They have got a massive case against the hospital, Liz doesn't care about the financial rewards in connection with this.

"Liz is thinking my goodness not only have you had this tragedy of losing a baby you now start to think of what you have missed out on and no one can give you those years back.

"But Steve does start to take notice when money is involved and starts to be more on board in typical Steve fashion."