The 'Loose Women' studio is infested with flies.

Andrea McLean

Andrea McLean

The lunch time chat show's audience were left squirming in their seats on Tuesday (20.02.18) after loud-mouth panellist Janet Street-Porter revealed live on air that the set is riddled with the disease-carrying insects.

Speaking on the programme just before viewers tucked into their lunch, Janet, 71, said: "We do have flies, we had dust, a lot of dust and we have had flies that live in the set."

And flies aren't the only ones making themselves at home on the set as the panel - including Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalha - are convinced the studio is haunted.

Andrea, 48, explained: "He was writing a letter to his father who had died and this is what he wanted to say to his dad and as I was reading that out, the feather fell in front of my face. But we've got previous spirit Loose Women.

"But they don't always come about when we're talking about things that were spiritual - as like I said I was talking about a letter a child had written to his father - as Jamie Lomas was talking about a friend who had passed when a feather fell in front of Christine [Lampard]. You don't believe us? You're all looking at me skeptically."

Janet chimed in: "It might be the spirits of 'Loose Women' from earlier eras."

Meanwhile, 'Loose Women' isn't the only ITV show that has unwanted visitors as 'This Morning' has been invaded by mice in recent months and the dressing rooms backstage were riddled with Tineola bisselliella - also known as the common clothes moth - last summer.

Bug expert Stuart Hine said at the time: "We had a look in various parts of the back of the studio and there is a large infestation of clothes moths.

"They're all over the walls. I wouldn't step in there in your Cashmere clothes because you're taking those home with you and you'll be riddled [with more moths]."

Host Phillip Schofield was initially concerned for the show's iconic blue sofa, but was relieved to find out that all the guests who appear on the programme and plonk their bottoms on the blue velvet have actually saved the well-loved piece of furniture from being gnawed.

Stuart explained: "If it's [the sofa is] made of wool, then it is but plenty of disturbance - you have lots of guests on here - will keep them at bay."