Coleen Nolan constantly worries about getting cancer.

Coleen Nolan constantly worries about getting cancer

Coleen Nolan constantly worries about getting cancer

The 58-year-old TV star's famous singing family has a long history of battling the disease over the years and as her elder sister Linda endures an incurable fight with brain cancer, she admitted ahead of undertaking hosting duties on ITV fundraiser 'The Real Full Monty' that she has no inhibitions about going to get checked out straight away.

Speaking on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', she said: "Linda is just a machine, she's unbelievable. Cancer just hits her again and again and again. She's incredible because she'll say 'Oh I can't meet you for lunch today, I've had chemo, I'm not feeling great' but then the next day she'll say 'Right, where are we all going?' It's hard for her. She's struggling to walk now but she just gets on with it every day. It is frightening.

"It's all scary and of course, I think about it all the time if but if I'm ever unsure about anything, I go straight away. And that's what the 'The Real Full Monty' thing is about. Nine times out of 10, it's nothing but the odd time...Linda has had it about 15 years now, Anne survived it, my eldest sister. Bernie sadly didn't."

Meanwhile, the long-serving 'Loose Women' panellist - who shot to fame as part of The Nolans in the 1980s - is gearing up to go on her first solo tour 'Naked' because she knew she would have eventually regretted not getting on stage again even though she will feel "vulnerable" doing it alone.

She said: "I'm doing my first-ever solo tour in February and the reason it's called 'Naked' is because I've never done anything solo before. And so it makes me feel quite vulnerable, quite exposed. It's a concert, I'll chat to the audience but it's mainly just to have a great night out and learn a little bit more about me. It's 16 dates across the country.

"If I get to a stage or an age where I think 'What do I regret?', it will be that I never performed again because that's what I do."