Coleen Nolan would "maybe" consider getting married again - but only if there was a prenup involved.

Coleen Nolan opens up on the idea of marrying again

Coleen Nolan opens up on the idea of marrying again

The 58-year-old star was initially married to 'EastEnders' actor Shane Richie and has Shane Jr, 35, and Jake, 31, with him as well as 22-year-old Ciara with second husband Ray Fensome and is currently in a relationship with Michael Jones, 57, after meeting him on Tinder but hinted she would only tie the knot again if there was a financial agreement in place.

Speaking on the 'How to be 60' podcast, she told fellow 'Loose Women' star Kaye Adams: "I think Michael would very much like to get married at some point. 'If it meant a lot to him, maybe I would, but I'd bloody make him sign a great big piece of paper before I did, because I'm not going through that again.

"I've looked into it. 100 per cent. It's sorted from there and it's a reference point; no-one thinks they're going to split up. I got married twice thinking both of them were for life. I never went into marriage thinking – what if it doesn't work? And neither of them did in the end.

"It's traumatic enough on an emotional level, but then when there are solicitors involved and you're dividing up everything, what it comes down to is who owns what. How much have you got? Give him 50 per cent. Off you trot. "

However, the former Nolans singer - who has a reported net worth of almost £5m - has always found the idea of prenuptial agreements "unromantic" and went into both of her marriages believing that they would last forever but is "hopeful" that her new relationship will work in the long run.

She said: "It's a horrible stage and I would like to have that stage worked out. That if this doesn't work out – which I hope it will forever more – but if it doesn't, then this is the situation that is in writing in a legal form. I've always been against prenups, because I find them really unromantic and very much like you're going into it going: 'well, it probably won't work, so sign this."

"Hopefully it will work and we'll never have to look at that piece of paper again, but what I went through on my last divorce I don't ever want to go through again. Even though I didn't hate Ray, there were times when I was going: 'Oh my God, this is so unfair.'"

The 'I'm in the Mood for Dancing' hitmaker - who shot to fame alongside her sisters in the 1970s - appears to have remained on good terms with her ex-husbands, and Ray is currently playing guitar for her on her 'Naked' solo show, which is touring the UK throughout February and March.