Lorraine Kelly has reflected on her own tragic baby loss following the news that the Duchess of Sussex suffered a miscarriage in July.  

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 60-year-old TV presenter had a miscarriage back in 2001 and she admitted her experience was "almost exactly the same" as Meghan's, after the duchess opened up about experiencing a "sharp cramp" while changing her and Prince Harry's little boy Archie's nappy in July and she knew straight away she was "losing" her baby.

Speaking to Dr Hilary Jones on her show 'Lorraine' just minutes after the news broke, Lorraine said: "Just seeing this this morning, it was almost exactly the same.

"What really helped me was being able to talk, obviously, to you and being able to talk to other people.

"And also [Lorraine's daughter] Rosie, I think she was only about six then, and I know Archie is a lot younger than that, but I know that will really help having another child to focus on.

"My heart just goes out to her, it's just so sad. And I think the way she has done it is absolutely brilliant.

"We must not forget it's the two of them. I think an awful lot of times people forget about the partner.

"We wish them all the best."

Lorraine admitted her situation was made "more difficult" because she returned to work too soon.  

She added: "I went back to work too quick, Hilary. You said that to me.

"I went back to work too quickly and I know that now, and it made it more difficult.

"Everyone deals with it their own way."

Meghan, 39, broke the news in an article for the New York Times newspaper, admitting she knew something was "not right" while changing the nappy of her and Harry's son Archie, who is now 18 months old.

She wrote: "After changing his diaper, I felt a sharp cramp. I dropped to the floor with him in my arms, humming a lullaby to keep us both calm, the cheerful tune a stark contrast to my sense that something was not right.

"I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second."