Louis Theroux feared he had broken his vocal cords during lockdown.

Louis Theroux opens up about lockdown struggles

Louis Theroux opens up about lockdown struggles

The documentary-maker, 51, worried he would never make a film again after a bout of rage at his children led to him losing his voice.

He said: “On one occasion the kids were just acting up and I just lost my s*** royally and I found that for two or three days subsequently I couldn’t speak. I could whisper but that was it.

“I thought I’d broken my vocal cords, and for a while I wondered whether I might never be able to be in broadcasting again.

“As much as I’d like to be poised and reflective and to be a considered, mature and rather humorous individual in every aspect of my life, the reality is that I’m just as rage-prone as everyone else.”

Louis admitted he altered his alcohol consumption during lockdown, turning to booze for comfort.

He said: “If you looked inside me you might notice the wear and tear on my liver due to excessive drinking in lockdown. I definitely drank my way through the pandemic, and I actually enjoyed drinking too much.

“I don’t see it as, ‘Oh, my drinking got away from me’, it was more the case that I found it was one of the ways I could enjoy myself.

"Days of the week became indistinguishable, so I would wobble into the front room to see what my wife Nancy was watching on TV and then she’d notice I was laughing too much at 'Doctor Who', and she’d say, ‘Louis, you’ve been drinking, haven’t you?’

“She’d say, ‘Louis, it’s a Monday’, and I’d say, ‘And your point is?’ ”

Louis kept a detailed diary while in lockdown at his North West London home with his wife Nancy and their three children Albert, 15, Frederick, 13 and six-year-old-Walter.

He has now turned it into a memoir, ‘Theroux the Keyhole’, which accounts his everyday struggles of juggling work and family life during the pandemic.

Louis added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “When you’re at home, it all comes out. There’s no hiding. I think the expression is, ‘No man is a hero to his valet’. The people in your home, in your bedroom, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in your front room – more or less 24 hours a day during lockdown – they know you, warts and all.”

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