Luke Pasqualino could've filmed more episodes for 'Our Girl'.

Luke Pasqualino

Luke Pasqualino

Fans of the army drama were left devastated earlier this month when hunky Special Forces solider Elvis Harte - played by the 27-year-old actor - was unexpectedly killed after he was blown up by a bomb - just moments after he proposed to his on/off girlfriend Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) - while on a mission.

But, although he had no choice but to bow out of the show because he's tied to 'Snatch' for five years, Luke thinks he probably could've stayed for a little longer because the hurricanes in Puerto Rico delayed filming for the crime drama.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "Sony would only release me for four episodes initially. Obviously, 'Snatch' got pushed [with season two being delayed by hurricanes in Puerto Rico] so I probably could've done more, but that was initially what it was."

After his handsome alter-ego was killed off, fans threatened to boycott the show, but Luke thinks they will forget all about it by the time series four rolls around.

He explained: "The Elvis / Georgie relationship is gone now and that's a frustration for them. I don't want Elvis to be forgotten about, but I think they'll be able to put it to one side and get used to the fact that he's not gonna be there.

"I think it's the initial knee-jerk reaction to say 'I'm never gonna watch it again!' but I think when the next series comes out, then people will be craving it. I think by the time season four comes around, they'll be ready for their next 'Our Girl' fix. Hopefully, fingers crossed, they'll tune back in."

But if viewers don't tune back in, it'll all be his fault because he was the one who suggested killing off Elvis in a dramatic explosive.

He said: "Tony and I sat down and we spoke about potential avenues which we could explore for Elvis's exit. I think I was the one who first came up with the idea of killing him off and giving him this big exit, and Tony liked the idea.

"Then we came up with the idea of Elvis and Georgie getting back together - they're gonna get married and they're gonna live that happy life that everybody wanted to see. But it wouldn't be good drama if everything was sunshine and rainbows, so we had to snatch it away from the audience."

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