It’s quite something that CW superhero series Arrow is nearing the end of its fifth season. There have been some major ups and downs with fans really getting behind some of the show’s storylines, but those that took place in the third and fourth seasons weren’t very well-received. Fortunately, this time round the show seems to have once again found its footing.

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow / Credit: The CW

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow / Credit: The CW

In the upcoming finale, a major battle with Prometheus is expected to take place, with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) forced to team up with some surprising returning faces to ensure Team Arrow and Star City are kept safe from the threat that Prometheus poses.

One of those familiar faces will be Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), who’ll return for some “emotional” scenes in the season 5 finale according to executive producer Wendy Mericle.

Speaking to CBR, she said: “He’s going to be a huge factor leading up to the finale. This season is all about legacy, and when Malcolm comes into the story, it’s really rooted as much by necessity from Oliver’s point of view as it is about what Malcolm means to him and what Malcolm means to Thea. It’s a great story, because it’s going to have a lot of action but it’s also going to have this kind of emotional undercurrent that is going to lead to a really big, huge series moment for him. I think it’s a great story to tell, and it’s great stuff for John [Barrowman] to play.”

Exactly what that story is, we’ll have to wait and see, but if Barrowman’s back catalogue of material and performances on the show are anything to by, viewers could be in for a huge treat.

Arrow continues Wednesdays in the US on The CW and on Sky 1 in the UK.

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