Marcel Somerville's new music was ready to drop before it was stolen last week.

Marcel Somerville

Marcel Somerville

The 'Love Island' hunk has been working on new material since he left the famous villa last summer but was left devastated when he returned to his car in London last week after a meal with his girlfriend Gabby Allen to find that the back windscreen had been smashed and his computer equipment - containing his demos - had been swiped.

Speaking to The Sun Online, the 32-year-old hunk said: "I've lost all the music that I've been making since I got out the villa, it's been terrible.

"Me and Gabby were on a date and I parked my car, and usually I'm so switched on, but I left my bag in the backseat of the car.

"You'd only be able to see into my car if you walk up to the window and really look in, so I'm guessing it was someone who spends their time doing that.

"They took everything, the new single, everything. Hopefully my iCloud can sync up the music, but I'm devastated. I've gone to the police and they're checking the CCTV but I haven't heard from them yet.

"I was hoping to release a song really soon, as it was so close to having it finished that it just needed a few more things that I was going to do in the morning."

The Blazin' Squad rapper is now planning to release the music in a few month's time when he's bought a new computer and managed to get his content from his iCloud.

He explained: "I have to rebuy my Mac and rebuy all the soft wear that my work was on and remake it all. So it's been pushed back at least a month as it'll take a lot of effort. The song is a summery tune with a few lyrics about me and Gabs."