Mark Wright is reportedly set to star in 'The Games'.

Mark Wright is set to star in 'The Games'

Mark Wright is set to star in 'The Games'

The 34-year-old star is said to be ready to sign up for the ITV sports challenge show, which was previously known as 'The Real 2022 Games' and has been pushed back a number of times due to the pandemic.

However, The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column reports that the newly renamed show is going ahead with Mark set to start training as its "first big name".

An insider said: "Mark is the first big name to confirm he will take part in 'The Games'. He absolutely loves a challenge and will be going all out to win.

"Mark is really competitive and will be pushing himself to his limits in training to ensure he is in top condition for the show."

And while the 'Heart FM' radio host has some experience from his time as a semi-professional footballer, the show will still prove to be a tough task.

The source added: "He is an amazing footballer but when it comes to trying his hand at sports seen at the Olympics, including sprinting and javelin, Mark is a bit of a novice.

"Mark doesn't tend to do challenge shows but 'The Games' was a really exciting opportunity to try and excel at something new, so he jumped at the change when he realised he could make the dates."

The show is set to be hosted by Freddie Flintoff and Holly Willoughby, while the likes of Christine McGuinness have also been in talks.

Last month, a source said: "The makers of ['The Games'] are casting the stars at the moment and they have been in discussions with Christine about the possibility of her taking part.

"Christine is becoming a really popular telly star and at the moment she is seriously in demand.

“As a character, Christine has such an interesting back story as a working mum to three children with autism, and bosses know that viewers would relate to her.

“Christine is also incredibly physically fit and would be up for all the challenges the series would put her through.”