Mark Wright’s uncle Edward Wright has died after contracting COVID-19.

Mark Wright

Mark Wright

The former ‘Only Way Is Essex’ star admitted he was “broken to pieces” to hear the sad news that his uncle Edward – who is the father of Elliott Wright – has passed away following an eight-week battle with coronavirus.

Posting on social media, he wrote: "You’d have to be God to find a better man than my uncle. Put simply, you won’t. I love you uncle Eddie, I’m never going to forget you. Broken to pieces. (sic)”

And Mark’s cousin Elliott posted a lengthy tribute to his father, whom he described as a “great” and “humble” man.

He penned: “It is with heart wrenching regret, that I have to post this post, my father Edward George Wright passed away peacefully with his family by his side on the 02.03.2021 after bravely fighting Covid for 8 weeks... for those who knew my father, you know what a great man he was, always smiling, always humble, always happy, despite the fact in his later years he bravely fought prostrate cancer, he never moaned and done his best to put a brave smile on.. his love for his family is what he will be remembered for to all of us, the ultimate family man, wanting to spend every woken minute with his 10 grandkids and children was his only daily thought pattern and request, was that to be with them, the ultimate family man. (sic)”

Elliott went on to reveal he is “simply devastated” by the news, and said he would be a “very happy soul” if he could be “half the man” his father was.

He continued: “For those who don’t know me well, the impact this has had on me, what can I say, I’m simply devastated!

“To Dad, what can I say that you don’t already know in heaven, you are and will always be my rock, my best friend, the man who taught me to always be a gentleman, to put family first! Everything I know and have wether it be in business or personal is down to you an your guidance, my whole life, from a young age, I watched in ore of you, a mountain amounts men.. doing deals, the king negotiator, with you by my side I could take on the world and still will do, as I know your love, affection and soul will always be by my side. The legacy and mark you leave is colossal, put simply if I could be half the man you were, when my time finally comes.. i would go a very happy soul. I love you dad, the hole you leave is monumental but the memories I will cherish for ever. I know you will be watching over me an the kids, I hope I continue to make you proud, Rest in peace dad. See you at the gates when the time comes. I Love you, with all my Heart (sic)”

Mark revealed Edward’s COVID-19 diagnosis in January.

He said at the time: "My dad's brother, uncle Eddie, Elliott's dad, he's not in a good place, he's in a critical condition as we speak and just praying every night we're gonna have a miracle and he's gonna get better.

"We're getting good news from the hospital each day that he's improving, he's not getting worse.”

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