Marnie Simpson's labour was "extremely long" and "traumatic."

Casey Johnson and his baby son (c) Instagram

Casey Johnson and his baby son (c) Instagram

The 'Geordie Shore' star welcomed her little boy into the world with her partner Casey Johnson on October 29 and, although she doesn't feel ready to "face" social media right now, she has admitted the birth was horrendous for her.

Taking to her Instagram account, she said: "Hi everyone, I wanted to come on because I have been very inactive for a good few days but as you can see, I don't exactly want to do video looking this rough. But I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone to who's messaged. I'm trying my hardest to go through all the messages and reply to everyone because it honestly means so much to us.

"Obviously it was a very traumatic experience for me and it wasn't the easiest labour. But I'm just so thankful that everyone is so supportive and so nice and that everyone has just been there for us.

"Once I'm feeling a bit better I'll definitely be on here a little but more but me and baby are doing amazing.

"He is absolutely perfect, he is just everything and more and me and Casey are recovering well from the extremely long long labour. But yeah, thank you to you all and I will definitely get back to everyone in good time, so thank you!"

Casey, 24, announced yesterday (31.10.19) that Marnie had given birth to their first child and thanked her for being "strong and amazing" throughout the labour.

He said: "Where do I start... after 28 hours of labour my strong amazing princess @marns delivered our gorgeous little man on the 29th October at 4:18pm 8.1!!! my beautiful baby boy was born, I can't even describe my emotions right now, it's been a long journey ( 10 months ).

"Watching the person you adore in pain is not nice but the gift we both have right now just wipes away all the bad moments through labour. I literally sit and stair at him non stop with Marnie, he's the start of our family, he's so cute!!!! Again I wanna say thank you to everybody who has messaged me it means a lot the support has been absolutely amazing.

"Marnie you have done so well you grew this human inside you and boy did you do it perfect and the right way. I love you Marnie thank you for being my baby mumma, you KILLED IT (sic)"

Marnie, 27, was 12 days overdue and revealed just before her little bundle was born that she was struggling because she felt so uncomfortable.