Matt Baker can no longer "bend forward" since suffering a slipped disc.

Matt Baker reveals the devastating thing he cannot do since suffering back injury

Matt Baker reveals the devastating thing he cannot do since suffering back injury

The former 'Blue Peter' presenter, 46, who landed badly on his coccyx and herniated the disc whilst rehearsing for a pantomime last year, has admitted it's "upsetting" because he used to be a gymnast.

Speaking to Gabby Logan - who hosted 'The One Show' with occasionally - on the 'Mid Point' podcast, he replied when asked if he can still perform back flips: "No, I can't now. I've injured my back. I can't tell you how upsetting it is as an ex-gymnast, not to be able to bend forward."

He continued: "I did my back in. I was doing a panto. I was doing Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and we were practising with the stunt chairs, and the chair wasn't set correctly and bang! I went down on my coccyx, and it turns out I slipped a disc in my back."

Matt - whose wife Nicola happens to be a physiotherapist - quipped of his spouse's convenient job: "I know, exactly - so we tried all that. Went for the nerve block [injection]."

A herniated disc is where the soft cushion of tissue between bones in the spine push out, and Matt previously took to social media to praise the NHS for their help and asked for tips on how to cope with the pain.

He wrote on Instagram: “Hi all, Any advice for a herniated disc?

“For a long time now I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc- as an ex-gymnast it’s hard not to be able to bend forward… so I decided to have a nerve block injection, - what a brilliant surgeon and lovely NHS team it was that did my treatment Thank you all! (also, a big thanks to the nurse who used to watch me on ‘Blue Peter’ - the buttered toast was amazing!)

“Big thanks also to my friends at Champneys for helping me with my rehab it’s a very special place. If you know of any good exercises or helpful tips I’d love to hear them.”