Max Evans took a terrible tumble on 'Dancing on Ice' last night (08.01.18) after he attempted to skate over carpet - but the footage wasn't shown to the public.

Max Evans

Max Evans

The rugby hunk isn't set to perform on the show until this weekend, but he's already proven that he can handle an uncomfortable fall on the ice as he accidentally tripped over the white runner used for hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield as they were getting ready to present a segment from the rink after an ad break last night.

Speaking on 'This Morning' today (08.01.18), Phillip said: "I said to all of the skaters; 'Be careful, there's carpet behind here for Holly and I.

Holly added: "Quite clearly, on the mic, out loud."

Phillip continued: "I was telling the audience. No body can skate over carpet - not even the pros - it just doesn't work. Did every body listen? Max?"

It then cut to footage of the skaters waiting for the show to come back on air as Max smashed head-first into the ice as the audience gasped from the stands above.

Phillip screeched: "What did I say?!"

Holly added: "Oh my God, are you OK?"

It then cut back to the presenting duo in the 'This Morning' studio and Phillip said: "See, you can't skate over carpet," before they watched the clip again in slow motion.

Holly said: "He landed quite well though. He landed on his hands, not his knees. It sounded worse, that clonk on cold ice is not good."

Phillip replied: "Anyway it was great fun! I loved it."

'Dancing on Ice' will return to screens this weekend as the remaining six contestants take to the ice in a bid to stay out of the dreaded dance off.