Melanie C would've auditioned for 'The Voice Kids' if the show had been on television when she was growing up.

Melanie C says she has 'incredible' singers on her team on The Voice Kids

Melanie C says she has 'incredible' singers on her team on The Voice Kids

The Spice Girls icon has joined the coaching panel on the ITV talent show, replacing the departing Paloma Faith, to find a singing star aged seven to 14.

Melanie, 47, has no doubt that she would have put herself forward if she'd had the opportunity to try out for a show like this one as a youngster.

When asked if she would have done a show like 'The Voice Kids', she said: "I think I would. When I was a kid I was dancing and singing, doing loads of drama and musical theatre at school and I did dancing competitions. It wasn’t a genre that was on TV at the time but if it had been I’m sure I would’ve been queuing up to do my audition."

The 'Say 'You'll Be There' hitmaker is joined on the panel by Pixie Lott, and McFly's Danny Jones in the big red chairs and she has thought about what her dream coaches line-up would've been in the '80s.

She said: "So it was the 80s wasn’t it and I was 10 in 1984. My idols at that time were George Michael, I was just discovering Madonna. I’ve always loved Annie Lennox, I’m a big Eurythmics fan so I think having Annie there would be amazing. The other person that keeps jumping into my head is Adam Ant. I think he would’ve been really fun!"

Melanie admits her fellow coaches have been very welcoming and really helped her settle in on the show.

She said: "They have been so lovely. They welcomed me with open arms. I’ve always admired and respected them all in the work they do not only in music but also on the show. They deal with the kids in such a beautiful way and they have a lovely bond as well. I was the newbie coming in so I was a little bit

nervous but they were very generous."

The 'Wannabe' singer is absolutely delighted with her team of "incredible" singers.

She said: "My team is amazing. Obviously sitting in that big red chair it was a bit surreal on my first day. I did have a little bit of a weep. It was quite overwhelming. Being a fan of both the kids and the adults show, being in the studio, being on set, being in that big red chair is very surreal but once those kids start singing you just go with your heart. Sometimes the hardest thing is not to turn and we could only pick four so we had to be so, so choosy and my team just worked out brilliantly. I’ve got some incredible singers. And really special people as well. They are really humble, they don’t even

realise how brilliant they are and they really look out for each other so, yeah, I love them."