Montana Brown "refused" to be induced when she gave birth to her first child.

Montana Brown wouldn't have her birth induced

Montana Brown wouldn't have her birth induced

The former ‘Love Island’ star and her boyfriend Mark O'Connor welcomed their son Jude late last month but she did it au natural because she is “so against induction”.

During a question-and-answer session with fans on Instagram, the 27-year-old television personality explained: "I was told at 38 weeks to be booked in for induction day after my due date which I also declined."

Montana added: “I went into labour naturally, my waters broke 6am ish. Leading up to this I was having raspberry leaf tea everyday and religiously bouncing on this peanut ball. But who knows if any of that made a difference. I was due 28th June and he arrived 23rd so he came 39 weeks + 2 days.”

She continued: “I am so against induction and I think they offer it to women too Willy nilly. If you're healthy and have no complications getting induced just seems unnecessary intervention. Let your baby arrive when it's meant to arrive and full term can be from 39 - 42 weeks just trust your body.”

Montana added the recovery after the birth was “very tough” and she was “a smelly cow for a few days” postpartum.

She wrote: “I think the post party [sic] recovery has been the hardest to deal with as it's something I didn't think about enough. It's mentally very tough with so many changes happening with your body, feeding your baby colostrum, body healing from birth and adjusting hormonally.

“My tear was honestly so painful, and that was the hardest part of recovery for me not being able to sit properly and being in pain all the time was just making me emotional.

“I just didn't want to go to the toilet as it stung so bad and also didn't want to shower as that was so painful too so I just was a bit of a smelly cow for the first few days.

“Only thing making it better is looking at your baby and just knowing that it will pass. But feeding your baby colostrum is quite painful as your nipples are adjusting. Lots of nipple balms and Silverettes are so helpful!"

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