Brendan O'Carroll has revealed that Tito Jackson sexily serenades Mrs. Brown and makes her a rude offer on the first episode of the new series 'All Round to Mrs. Brown's'.

All Round to Mrs Brown's

All Round to Mrs Brown's

The pop legend - the brother of Michael Jackson - is among the guests when the comedy talk show returns to BBC One this Saturday night (19.05.18) at 9.20pm along with Danny Dyer, Amir Khan and Kate Humble.

Brendan - who portrays the foul-mouthed Irish matriarch and interviews the various celebrities, some of whom appear with their mothers - says Tito, 64, was a great sport but some of the lyrics in his song were racy enough to even make Mrs. Brown blush.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "Tito sings a really sexy song to Mrs. Brown, and during the song he says he would like to put Mrs. Brown on the bar and make her wet! It's hilarious!"

Brendan, 62, also has nothing but praise for 'EastEnders' actor Danny and his mother Christine who couldn't resist embarrassing her 40-year-old son for his and the audience's amusement.

He added: "Danny Dyer and his mum were gorgeous, his mum was just fantastic. At one point Mrs. Brown asked, 'Danny, you must be exhausted trying to keep that cockney accent going all the time? Because we all know you're really posh.' And his mother goes, 'Is he f**k!' "

Brendan believes the reason why Danny and Christine were so open is because they felt so comfortable sitting in Mrs. Brown's house on set and let their guards down.

He said: "The guests tell stories that we've never heard before because they're with their mother and they're including them. One of the guests said to me that it didn't feel as though they were on a TV show, it just felt like they dropped into our house. It does feel like that, there's a lovely vibe to it.

"The celebrities all revert to being children when they're sat with their mothers, they turn to jelly when their mammies come on. When the stories start they all just go, 'Oh my god!' "

Brendan's wife Jennifer Gibney - who plays Mrs. Brown's daughter Cathy Brown, the supposed host of the chat show - also believes the domestic setting and the inclusion of the stars' families is what makes the series so unique and led to some touching moments and hilarious stories on the new series.

She said: "What's lovely about having the mammies on with their son or daughter is that they have the chat on the couch and then they go into the kitchen with Mrs. Brown, it's like another layer. It's like they think, 'Oh, we've left the kids in the sitting room, now let's have a proper chat.' Just like you would at home."