'The Mummy Diaries' has reportedly been commissioned for another series.

Sam and Billie Faiers

Sam and Billie Faiers

The reality TV show - which follows the lives of sisters Sam and Billie Faiers and their young children - has only just returned to screens for a third instalment but bosses have been so impressed with the viewing figures that they've given the go-ahead for more episodes.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Sam and Billie together are a winning team and the top bods at ITV are really overwhelmed with the viewing figures. The show has been a massive success for the channel and the ratings have gone from strength to strength. ITV know they're on to a winner and are hoping to lock the girls down on a multi-series deal."

But with more viewers comes more pressure and bosses are desperate to make the fourth series bigger and better than ever before, so are reportedly planning to send Sam off the US as she works to build the profile of her fashion brand while looking after her two young kids.

The insider explained: "Producers are keen to follow Sam as she heads back to LA with her family as she focuses on growing her businesses Stateside."

The third series has already got people talking as Sam's boyfriend Paul Knightley - who previously hit the headlines when he kissed his mum on the lips - threw a tantrum when their two-year-old son Paul wouldn't stop crying.

He fumed: "I'm not sitting here having him crying here like this because it's ridiculous."

Sam replied: "Just give him a minute."

Paul hit back: "There's not point - he's just sitting here crying."

He then picked up his bag and stormed off - sparking some fans to brand him a "baby."

Sam also has five-month-old daughter Rosie with Paul, while her sister Billie has three-year-old daughter Nelly and 13-month-old son Arthur with her fiance Greg Shepherd.