Jonathan Ross is the "naughtiest" judge on 'The Masked Singer'.

'Naughtiest judge' Jonathan Ross

'Naughtiest judge' Jonathan Ross

The 61-year-old star joked that he is the most badly behaved out of the judging panel - which also includes Rita Ora, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan - because he wants the show to be fun.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Oh, I’m the naughtiest on the show.

"I’m leading by example, I mean, this show is all about fun, it can’t be boring so I’m like, ‘Don’t take it seriously because here’s the thing, you don’t know how long you’ve got. Seize the day!’

"Our dressing rooms are essentially cabins, they’re fine but they’re really dull. So I’ll turn up with a record player, posters, books, even some lamps to make it like my little home-from-home in there.

"I deliberately play music loud enough to annoy Mo, who’s next door, because he’s a very well-behaved young man, listening quite discreetly to some kind of UK grime that I’m not aware of. I’ll put on a Charles Aznavour album at full blast just to wind him up."

And Jonathan also joked that Rita and Davina are in awe of him.

He said: "Davina and Rita are both spoken for, and yet they have a struggle each week when I walk in wearing leather trousers, perhaps a shirt showing a bit more chest than I should.

"I hope they look forward to seeing what I’m going to roll in wearing, because I really choose clothes to make them laugh a lot of the time."