With Donald Trump unceremoniously fired from Celebrity Apprentice, NCB isn't going to pop the ratings grab show on the shelf, but is instead moving ahead with plans to restructure the show following its recent renewal for a 15th season.

Donald Trump / Credit: FAMOUS

Donald Trump / Credit: FAMOUS

TMZ are reporting that the network is now searching for a suitable Trump replacement, although plans are not yet being made public. They're hoping to find a new host who encapsulates the celebrity and controversy Trump brought to the show, but also one who speaks to a larger and younger demographic.

NBC will be hoping for a "successful minority businessperson who's active in the inner cities", with former NBA star Magic Johnson currently topping their list.

Sources also claim however that no negotiations have yet started with all discussions about furthering the show being "internal" to the network. Despite that, a list of recruits is being compiled for consideration, with George Lopez also making the list.

It's not yet clear when or if indeed the show will definitely return, but it's looking like NBC don't want to put the series on permanent hold just yet...

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