Ncuti Gatwa “almost forgot” his ‘Doctor Who’ audition as soon it was done.

Ncuti Gatwa almost blocked out his Doctor Who audition immediately

Ncuti Gatwa almost blocked out his Doctor Who audition immediately

The ‘Sex Education’ star detailed how nervous he was for his successful attempt to play the Fifteenth Time Lord in the long-running BBC sci-fi television series - which has run on and off since 1963 and is celebrating six decades this year - after showrunner Russell T Davies, 60, recently gushed about how Ncuti knocked his socks off.

The 31-year-old actor told GQ magazine: "I knew I needed to go in and give them a wink and a [smile].

"But I almost forgot about [the audition] as soon as I left the room, because there was just no way.”

This comes after the executive producer praised Ncuti - who will be joined his companion Ruby Sunday, played by ex ‘Coronation Street’ star Millie Gibson, 19 - and his “thunderbolt” performance during the selection process to fill the role held by names such as David Tennant, 52, Jodie Whittaker, 41, Christopher Eccleston, 59, and many, many more.

He wrote in Time magazine: "I'd watched him on screen, and thought I had the measure of him, until he walked into the room for the Doctor Who audition. Bang! Thunderbolt.

"And bear in mind, for UK TV, the part of the Doctor is the Crown Jewels, it's history, it's tradition, it's... oh, sod that, I said, and threw it at him. He's conquered the world. Now all of time and space is his."

The 'Barbie' star - who was revealed to be the new Doctor last summer - admitted he “never thought” he would be successful because he is Black and there never had been a non-White person taking on the mantle.

Ncuti told the same magazine: “I’m a good actor [but] this is a 60-year-long British institution, and I’m a Black man, so I never thought that I’d be chosen to front something that is basically the heart of the BBC.

"Your existence when you’re a marginalised person is political. So you, and the world, are aware of that, and people make decisions accordingly.”