Ncuti Gatwa would love Gillian Anderson to join 'Doctor Who' as a villain.

Ncuti Gatwa would like to reunite with Sex Education castmates in Doctor Who

Ncuti Gatwa would like to reunite with Sex Education castmates in Doctor Who

The 31-year-old actor rose to fame as Eric in 'Sex Education' before stepping into the TARDIS, and he'd like to be reunited with his co-star as part of the hit BBC sci-fi show.

He told Attitude magazine: "My dream casting for a Doctor Who villain would be Gillian Anderson, because she is exceptional!

"She is sci-fi royalty, and she would make a fabulous, fabulous villain.”

Gillian played sex therapist Jean on the show, and Ncuti thinks her on-screen son Otis - played by Asa Butterfield - would be a great choice to join the Fifteenth Doctor on his adventures.

He added: "The person I’d take from 'Sex Education', from the land of Moordale into the Whoniverse would be Asa/Otis, my companion of life."

When it comes to 'Doctor Who' villains, the 'Barbie' actor admitted he was left terrified by Maestro in 'The Devil's Chord' episode.

He said: "The villain that has frightened me the most this season, I would say, definitely is Jinkx Monsoon's character."

There is more to come, as showrunner Russell T. Davies teased something special and "hard to describe" for this week's episode '73 Yards.

He told "Episode 4 has got possibly the strangest villain you’ll ever see.

"You have to come and watch - even in an interview like this, it’s hard to describe. You’ve got to come and watch episode 4 to understand what’s going on."

Despite keeping tightlipped on the villain, Russell has given a tease of what to expect from the episode as a whole, which is taking a horror twist.

He told the 'Official Doctor Who Podcast': "This is Welsh folk horror coming up, with an astonishing cast... It's spooky, it's strange, it's genuinely unlike any other episode we've ever done before.

"We all found ourselves fascinated by making this. We had to test so much and get so much exactly right.

"It's very strange, '73 yards' is very significantly important. Pay attention to those scrolls at the beginning and you might wonder what the message means - 'Rest in peace, Mad Jack.'"