Ned Porteous is heading to America to try and land some TV roles now he has left 'Emmerdale'.

Ned Porteous

Ned Porteous

The 24-year-old actor's character Joe Tate was killed off in the ITV soap in the episode that aired on Thursday night (11.10.18) when the trickster was murdered by his right hand man Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

Ned loved his time on the show but is now looking to land some roles in the US, once he's had some well-earned time off.

Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: "I haven't had a holiday for a very long time so I'm desperate first to get out to America. I've got management out there so I want to try my hand with the American casting system and then go on a little holiday. I think, I will turn my phone off, go climbing, go camping, go fishing."

Although Joe had to meet a grisly end, Ned insists he loved being part of the dramatic storyline and getting to die on screen.

But the former 'EastEnders' star - who played Mark Fowler Jr. in 13 episodes in 2016 - insists he didn't focus too much on the fact that the conclusion of the storyline would mean he would be leaving the soap.

He said: "It was tremendously exciting filming all of this last bit to the story as there had been a lot of build up to this point. We knew the course of this storyline for a good deal of weeks beforehand, so we had a lot of time to emotionally prepare for what was going on in the scripts. But I think I personally just focused on the work and concentrated on just producing some really good final scenes. I don't suppose I really had thought too much about the fact I was actually going to be leaving."

Revealing that his castmates sent him away with some leaving gifts, he added: "Thankfully a few of the cast got me some really lovely thoughtful going away gifts so I will be able to keep them forever and cherish them. So that was really nice."

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