Yesterday (August 3rd, 2021) Apple TV released the trailer for season two of the incredible drama series, Truth Be Told.

Crime series are loved by almost everyone; they draw interest from thousands of viewers, but what about podcasts? People tune in to podcasts to hear a multitude of topics; crime and murders being one of the most popular.

Truth Be Told is inspired by the love the American public have for true crime podcasts, and shows what can happen when a solo mission for the truth goes awry, especially in the view of the prying and curious public.

Season one of Truth Be Told followed Poppy (Octavia Spencer) as a case from her past came back to haunt her, when she found out a man she put in prison may have been wrongfully convicted.

Poppy’s guilt built up in season one when she revisits Warren’s (Aaron Paul) case, and set out to determine if she was in the wrong, or if Warren really was the one to blame.

The first season was filled with tension, fear, and doubt as Poppy faced the music for what she did while in the middle of a demanding investigation.

From the recent trailer for seaosn two, it seems that this atmosphere of worry and uncertainty continues, as someone else from Poppy’s past makes an entrance.

Kate Hudson stars as Micah in her first ever lead role in a TV series. Micah is a friend from school who needs Poppy’s help in finding out what happened to her husband... but is she telling the whole truth?

Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer in Truth Be Told / Picture Credit: Apple TV+
Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer in Truth Be Told / Picture Credit: Apple TV+

As in season one, the upcoming second season showcases themes of distrust, potential lies and deceit; the trailer hints that Micah has something up her sleeve, Poppy’s marriage isn’t picture perfect, and the two women who were once friends may now be gunning for one another.

Spencer’s role as Poppy appears to invite fans to wonder if she is a faulted protagonist, or a lovable villain; she has done wrong in her life, and even she cannot decide if she’s the hero or the villain of this story.

The series boasts a tense, unnerving atmosphere as Micah poses a serious threat to Poppy’s trust, and might make a dent in her friend’s career as a true crime podcaster.

In addition to Hudson, joining the second season are series regulars Christopher Backus, Alona Tal, David Lyons, Andre Royo, Merle Dandridge, and Mychala Faith Lee. Returning cast includes Mekhi Phifer, Ron Cephas Jones, Tracie Thoms, Haneefah Wood, Katherine LaNasa, Michael Beach, and Tami Roman.

Truth Be Told season two will span 10 episodes, and will be returning on Friday, August 20th, 2021; episodes will be released weekly.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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