Nick Grimshaw has started filming a walking show with celebrity guests.

Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw

The former Radio 1 DJ is moving into the world of television and he's taking things in a very different direction with a new BBC programme focused on a different kind of rambling.

He is quoted by The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column as saying: "I had to spend the day in Northumberland and I’ve never been there before, I must have walked for about eight hours and all I had to do was carry a camera on a stick and film myself chatting away.

“It was like a therapy session with myself.”

The new series - which is set to be titled 'Walking With' - will feature a different celebrity guest for each episode.

Nick has also revealed how his mother Eileen snubbed the chance to join him on 'Celebrity Gogglebox'.

He added: "She says that she wouldn’t like to be in front of the camera. I take her everywhere with me when I can.

"She came to see me DJ at NoMad on Sunday night. It was for an afterparty at London Fashion Week and she didn’t get back to mine until 2.30am.

“It’s mad and she is 78.”

Last month, Grimmy, 36, left his Drivetime Show and he had previously revealed he wanted to do many more television shows, having already appeared on 'Celebrity Gogglebox' with his niece Liv.

He said: "It’s a big decision but the right one – I feel excited. I want to do some telly stuff and have a think about what else.

“I’ve been doing a daily show for 12 years so I just need space to think about what I wanna do.

"You just spend every day going, what are we going to do on the radio, what are we doing tomorrow? It’s nice to have a little gap where we’re not thinking about that."

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