Nick Miles still gets "butterflies" filming 'Emmerdale' scenes - despite being on the show for 14 years.

Nick Miles

Nick Miles

The 55-year-old actor has portrayed hapless villager Jimmy King on the ITV soap since 2004 but has admitted he is nervous about performing one line of a scene today (02.05.18) after being away on holiday.

He wrote on Twitter: "First day back at #Emmerdale today after my hols. It's a five line scene on location in which I have one line. After fourteen years playing Jimmy King I still have butterflies. #lovemyjob (sic)"

As well as having butterflies, Nick recently admitted he has developed a love of other flying objects, birds, since he first joined the Leeds-based soap.

He said: "We're usually standing around on set going, 'This isn't bad, is it?' While shivering and helping to keep each other warm.

"But since I've been here I've developed a love of birds and raptors, just from watching the red kites above our village."

Nick enjoys checking out birds and other aspects of nature during his commute to work in the Yorkshire countryside so much he often drives to the set early so he can see the environment in all its glory.

He recently said: "I never really thought of birds before I started working on this show, but driving in early and seeing hares boxing gives you a love for nature."

But Nick is not the only bird watcher on the 'Emmerdale' set as his co-star Tony Audenshaw, who portrays Bob Hope, travels as far afield as Europe to take in rare sightings of feathered creatures.

He recently said: "I go to bird hides and bird reserves. I went to Spain with a mate and we went just bird watching."