AJ Odudu has signed up as the new host of 'The Bridge'.

AJ Odudu has been filming in Vietnam

AJ Odudu has been filming in Vietnam

The 33-year-old star - who had to miss the 'Strictly Come Dancing' final and live tour due to injury - has landed a new role at the helm of Channel 4's reality challenge show, which is returning for a second series.

As quoted by The Sun newspaper's Biz TV column, she said: "From the 'Strictly' ballroom I have taken off on to my next, new adventure.

“It’s so exciting to front a show that promises to push the envelope.

“I know 'The Bridge' is going to be bold, full of excitement and with plenty of drama. Bring it on.”

AJ is has been filming alongside explorer Aldo Kane in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with the show, which was initially narrated by James McAvoy for its debut series in November 2020.

The upcoming eight-part run will see 16 strangers split into two teams as they join forces over 12 days to build a bridge over 1,000 feet of water.

The goal is to get across the water to reach the £200,000 cash prize on top of Fortune Rock, and whoever gets there first will choose whether or not to split the winnings with their teammates.

Meanwhile, there will be plenty of physical and mental challengers to overcome along the way.

The first series was filmed in the UK due to COVID-19 restrictions, with 12 contestants and a prize of £100,000.

When the show was first announced in 2020, Warren Smith - executive producer at Workerbee - teased the challenges awaiting the strangers taking part.

He said: "After months of lockdown, a group of strangers have come together to tackle an intense challenge.

"We aim to find out whether they will work in harmony or will ruthless behaviour play a part in securing the £100,000 winnings?"

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