Olivia Attwood found herself caught in a love triangle with Chris Hughes and Mike Thalassitis on 'Love Island' on Monday (19.06.17).

Olivia Attwood

Olivia Attwood

The 26-year-old beauty was seen going between the two hunks during Monday night's episode of the ITV2 reality show, despite having never officially been partnered up with Chris.

On day one, Olivia partnered with 21-year-old oil rig worker Sam whom she dropped when Chris entered the infamous villa, but after the golf clothing ambassador spent too much time scouting out the other girls, Olivia partnered with Mike.

But it seems the blonde beauty isn't finished with Chris and is struggling to make up her mind, as she told the 24-year-old hunk she did in fact like him, only to tell footballer Mike, also 24, that she would be giving him "100 percent" of her time.

Eventually, Olivia sat down to talk with Chris, who ended their heartfelt conversation by vowing to move on from the Motorsport grid girl.

However it would seem he still harbours some negative feelings toward Mike for pinching his girl, as he later fumed: "Mike is a mug, there's ways of doing things. If you want to graft and you want to do that kind of thing, there's a way of doing it and if he does need some tips then he can talk to me, but yeah, Muggy Mike.

"You should forgive but you shouldn't forget in this life and obviously with me it's hard for me to bite my tongue in situations like that, especially when I care about the people involved."

Meanwhile, Olivia said before entering the villa that she was looking for a "loudmouth" man with a "sense of humour".

She said: "Someone that takes themselves really seriously without a sense of humour. Also someone not particularly intelligent. I do seem to go for the same guys again and again. It's not a looks thing because they all look different, but their personalities are all the same. So I know I will be drawn to the loudmouth, the joker type. That's very me."