Olivia Attwood had to be carried out of a nightclub by security after jumping onto the bar and pouring cider into her mouth from one of the taps.

Olivia Attwood

Olivia Attwood

The former 'Love Island' star - who recently split from Chris Hughes - was filmed lying down on the bar top at The Source Bar in Maidstone and positioning her mouth underneath the tap before attempting to down some Strongbow.

Speaking to The Sun Online, who obtained the video footage, a fellow clubber said: "Olivia got on the bar, tried to drink out the tap and got dragged out straight away.

"She was with three men and they arrived just before 2am on Wednesday.

"It was confusing why she was there. It was an indie rock night and the club was full of 18 year olds.

"I've always thought Olivia was more of an Essex girl, going to Sugar Hut, dressed up to the nines. We were in shock - it's so not her.

"She's from 'Love Island', she's got a glam life and she's a bit older."

The club-goer also claimed the 26-year-old beauty was "stumbling around" in the nightspot and started "protesting" when she was ejecting by a security guard.

They added: "She was stumbling around. She wasn't on the dance floor, she was just stood by the bar.

"She's a loud girl, she was protesting when she got dragged out."

In the clip, one of her pals can be heard screaming "go on Olivia" as she clambers onto the bar.

Last month, Olivia admitted there was a chance she and Chris could reunite.

She said: "Our relationship was always under pressure but [the show] was an added pressure. It's tough ... I don't know [if it's over for us]. Watch this space."

But Chris has since said he is in "a good place" following their break up, and has been romantically linked to former 'Coronation Street' star Georgia May Foote.