Olivia Attwood admits there's still a chance she could rekindle her romance with Chris Hughes.

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes

The reality TV duo - who starred together on 'Love Island' in 2017, and have subsequently filmed the follow-up programme 'Chris And Olivia: Crackin' On' - recently announced their split, but Olivia has confessed that they could still reignite their relationship further down the line.

She confessed: "Our relationship was always under pressure but (the show) was an added pressure. It's tough ... I don't know (if it's over for us). Watch this space."

The blonde beauty also welcomed Chris' recent claim that he remains "obsessed" with her, even though they are no longer dating.

Responding to those comments, Olivia told MailOnline: "Oh, did he say that? That's nice. We're very close still. That's what he feels obviously."

Olivia also revealed that she and Chris had watched their new show together.

She said: "Watching Crackin' On was like when you go out and get drunk then watch your Snapchat story the next day and think: 'What have I done?' It was like that. But for the last six months.

"I was watching and thinking: 'What am I doing?' There's some lovely memories there. It's hard but on the whole it's been nice.

"He watched the show with me. I has girls night and he came round. It was always our plan to watch it together."

Chris called time on their romance after he discovered the messages she'd sent to her ex-boyfriend Bradley Dack.

But Olivia previously insisted the messages she sent to Bradley were less serious than Chris' flirtatious exchanges with former glamour model Katie Price.

She explained: "Bradley is a friend, and I love Chris. We may not be compatible but the fact that we love each other has never been in doubt. What I did wasn't as bad as what Chris had done.

"He was suffering with the backlash. He didn't sleep with [Katie] so I stood by him."