Ore Oduba is to host a new BBC daytime game show.

Ore Oduba

Ore Oduba

The 32-year-old presenter - who is best known for winning 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2016 - is to be the face of 'Hardball', which will see contestants go up against the clock to answer a series of questions before a rolling ball catches up with them.

Ore - who has also guest presented ITV's 'This Morning' - said: "I absolutely love 'Hardball', it does exactly what it says on the tin! Like the best quiz shows, a simple format but a game that's not quite as easy as it first appears.

"I can't wait to bring a bit of drama to daytime on BBC One. Once that ball starts rolling, it's very hard to stop ... Let's hope our contestants - and the audience - can hold their breath."

The new programme will feature six contestants per episode, each of whom will battle it out to beat the ball.

However, only one lucky contestant will be able to progress to the final, where they'll have the chance to win thousands of pounds.

Explaining the rules of 'Hardball', the BBC said: "Players step up to face the ball on 25 metres of track in front of which they are asked questions that test all aspects of their knowledge on topics as varied as pop music, history, sport and movies.

"Each question they answer correctly moves them further down the track. But the players are being chased by a ball that never stops - the Hardball. As soon as the ball passes them, the game is over."