Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal have left the 'Love Island' villa.

Patsy Field has left the villa

Patsy Field has left the villa

The 29-year-old office administrator and the 30-year-old recruitment manager have both left the ITV show in a shock double dumping.

Patsy and Munveer exited the show after failing to convince the public and the other Islanders that they had a long-term future.

The duo were ultimately sent home by the other Islanders, after Patsy and Munveer found themselves in the bottom three of the public vote.

Before entering the villa, Munveer revealed that he was looking forward to meeting new people on the show and taking "the next step" in his love life.

He said at the time: "The opportunity to be surrounded by good-looking people in a villa under the sun is an absolute no-brainer!

"I’m 30 years old, and I need to start thinking seriously about the next step, and what better place?!"

Despite this, the reality star confessed to being "quite picky" about who he dates.

He said: "I haven’t found the right girl.

"I’m quite picky and have high standards.

"Dating in London is horrible. You don’t know who’s single … but now you’re putting me in a place where everyone’s single, so there’s no issues around that."

Elsewhere, Patsy also confessed to being "picky".

However, she was hopeful of finding her dream guy in the villa, acknowledging that "now is the right time" for her to appear on 'Love Island'.

She said: "'Love Island' may just have some nice hunky guys for me.

"I think now is the right time as I’ve got a few greys, so I need to bag a man sooner rather than later."