Paul Hollywood's former wife has opened up about their marriage split.

Alexandra Hollywood [Instagram]

Alexandra Hollywood [Instagram]

Exactly one year after the 52-year-old 'Great British Bake Off' judge and his wife of almost 20 years, Alexandra, ended their marriage, she has taken to Instagram to assure her friends and fans that she is happier than ever.

On Saturday (03.11.18), she posted a picture of herself and wrote: "A year ago today, my marriage ended.

"There have been stories and speculation about the reasons why and to say it's been a rough ride is somewhat of an understatement. But 12 months on I'm still here, I'm still standing and even though this has to have been the toughest time of my life so far, I still have much to be thankful for. So I just want to say to anyone else setting out on this daunting journey - it takes courage to face the unknown, stay strong, you can do this and you're not alone. You'll find new friends and value your old ones all the more, you will realise how very loved and important you are to your Tribe and how, no matter how hard it gets, you'll always have choices.. so make sure you make the best choice for YOU.

"I plan to live my new life boldly, be creative, cook like mad, hug the ones I love, grab opportunities with both hands and enjoy being me. PS and I'll be keeping control of the TV remote from now on too."

Paul and Alexandra announced their break-up in a joint split last year and insisted their "focus" would be on their teenage son Josh.

Paul and Alex said: "It is with sadness that we have decided to separate. Our focus continues to be the happiness of our son, and we would ask the press and public to allow us privacy as a family during this very difficult time."

Paul and Alex had previously split back in 2013 when he admitted to having an affair with Marcela Valladolid, his co-star on the US version of 'The Great British Bake Off'. Describing the affair at the time, he said it was the "biggest mistake of his life" but the pair did reconcile.

Speaking in 2015, Paul said: "We went through a very difficult time but we're on top right now ... There was no let-up but now I feel we're in a very good place. I think this is the happiest we've ever been. Our love of food is the key to it all.

"We love going out and have done that a lot this year. We're away for Valentine's Day. That was my idea. I can be a romantic. The way to every woman's heart is through her stomach. Food is at the core of everything."

Whilst Alexandra added: "You've just got to get on with life, haven't you? I'm an eternal optimist, he's an optimist. We're having a good time. The most romantic thing he did was bake chocolate croissants on a Sunday morning. That was a lovely thing to do."

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