Pete Wicks has become a vegetarian after learning about Korea's dog eating culture.

Pete Wicks

Pete Wicks

The 29-year-old reality star - who has hailed himself "Essex's dog whisperer" - is set to travel to Romania and South Korea to save thousands of stray dogs living on the streets in September, and the 'The Only Way is Essex' star's research for his mission has influenced him to stop eating meat.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Since Korea I've actually given up eating meat. There's this argument that in Korea, eating dogs is part of the culture - that's changing massively now.

"I don't think it's right to eat meat based on what I've seen and what I've been through so, for me, it has had a massive life-changing impact.

"I can't imagine my life without dogs any more. I am kinda the dog whisperer of Essex.

"If I could, I'd have one hundred million dogs."

The heavily-tattooed hunk will return to South Korea in December, where he'll work with the Humane Society International come to the rescue of 170 canines being sold on a meat farm.

He said: "I will be doing anything I can to use the platform I've got to help as many dogs as possible."

Pete's beloved French Bulldog Ernest - who he got from a breeder - sadly died in 2016, and Pete admits that he prefers pooches to humans.

He said: "I can't imagine my life without dogs anymore. I am kinda the dog whisperer of Essex. My two dogs are like my kids. Whether you've had a good day or a bad day, you're guaranteed to get unconditional love.

"If I could I'd have one hundred million dogs. I've just moved house, so I've got quite a bit of space now, so there is room for a few more."

Pete shared his love for dogs penning the book 'For The Love of Frenchies'.