Philip Olivier in Benidorm

Philip Olivier in Benidorm

Philip Olivier thinks his body lands him acting work.

'Benidorm' star Philip Olivier thinks the reason he lands acting work is because of his toned physique.

The 33-year-old actor keeps in the best physical shape he can because he thinks his toned physique is one of his greatest professional assets.

He said: "I keep fit and trim, not only for my health but because it's a very lucrative business. There must be more than 10 jobs I've only got because of my body. Like I did the 'Never Forget' [stage] show and I'd never had any musical experience - I couldn't sing and I still can't - but I got cast as the stripper and that's down to the physique."

The 'Benidorm' star also ruled out posing nude for a photoshoot, but admits he would bare all if the right role came along.

He said: "Once it's out there, it's out there and I'm an actor not a model. I'd only do it for a play. I was asked to do that a couple of years ago and I said yes but it clashed with another job."

However, Philip is keen to strip more in public and may venture to a nudist beach close to the 'Benidorm' set.

He added to Attitude magazine: "You know what, I haven't been on a nudist beach. But there is one in Benidorm so I should check it out. I'd lie face up, of course, otherwise what's the point?"

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