Piers Morgan joked his exit from 'Good Morning Britain' was to do with winning a GQ Award.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

The 56-year-old television presenter quit the ITV breakfast show in the wake of his controversial comments about the Duchess of Sussex and has now joked his exit could be to do with receiving the coveted award, as he has left all three of his jobs after winning.

He said: "The blame game has been raging furiously since my sudden departure from Good Morning Britain. But the real culprit may be Dylan Jones, long-time editor of GQ magazine. Three times, he’s given me awards. In 2003, I was GQ’s Newspaper Editor Of The Year for the Daily Mirror’s campaign against the Iraq War; in 2013, I was GQ’s TV Personality Of The Year for my campaign at CNN against America’s insane gun culture; and last December I got the same award, this time for my ‘unwavering interrogation of the Government’s woeful response to the pandemic’. Given that I’d lost both the Mirror and CNN jobs within a few weeks of winning the GQ awards, I told Dylan I was extremely wary of accepting again when he told me I’d won another one, but he persuaded me lightning never strikes three times.

"Obviously, my first thought was “BOOM!”, I wrote in this diary about the news, ‘and my second thought was, 'Oh no, I really enjoy doing Good Morning Britain.' The rest is history. The GQ curse has stuck again."

Piers also joked about his Most Popular Beer-Goggles Pin-up win, admitting he thought it was a compliment at first, only for his wife Celia to then agree.

Writing in his column for the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine, he added: "I’ve come top of a ‘Most Popular Beer-Goggles Pin-up’ poll, beating Jeremy Clarkson, Boris Johnson and Simon Cowell. It revealed that 39 per cent of British women said they don’t find me remotely attractive when sober but do when they’ve had a few drinks. Initially, I was thrilled to win. But the more I thought about this ‘victory’, the less complimentary it felt. ‘What nonsense,’ I spluttered indignantly to my wife Celia. ‘I can’t believe women only find me hot when they’re drunk.’ ‘No, it’s true,’ she replied. ‘I’m one of them.'"

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