Prince Harry has been urged to join 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Prince Harry urged to join Strictly

Prince Harry urged to join Strictly

Professional dancer Joanne Clifton says she would love to see the Duke of Sussex take part in the show, now that he is no longer a working member of the British Royal Family.

Asked in an interview with Betway who her dream Strictly celebrity would be, Joanne, 39 - who left the show in 2016 - said: “I have two. One of them would be Karl Pilkington. I think he would be hilarious. I don’t think he’d be the best, but I would love to see him step up to the plate.

"My other dream contestant would be Prince Harry. He is technically out of the Royal family now, so why not? He’s not a Royal anymore. Let's get him in some sparkly lycra. Queen Camilla supposedly loves Strictly, so I think he needs to give it a go.”

Joanne has also given her opinion on who she thinks will win the competition this year.

She said: "The obvious one for me is Layton Williams. He is obviously a trained dancer, however, this does not mean anything because he may be able to pick up steps a bit quicker than someone who has no experience, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

"It will still feel completely new to him. I do think he’s going to be great. However, I saw a snippet of Eddi Kadi in the opening show, and I was blown away! He has serious skills already. I have also been told Nigel Harman is very talented. I think he will be a finalist.”

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