Professor Green has signed up for Channel 5's 'Celebs in Solitary'.

Professor Green

Professor Green

The 'Lullaby' rapper - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - TV personality Anthea Turner, the World's Strongest Man 2017 Eddie Hall and comedian Shazia Mirza will spend five days living inside a container with no contact with the outside world, for the first-ever celebrity edition of the show, which aired a one-off episode last year with members of the public.

The famous faces will be phone-less and only allowed to pick three "luxury items" to take in with them to keep their minds occupied and to assist with psychological tests of isolation.

George Lamb will return to host the programme and he will be accompanied by psychiatrist Dr Sandra Scott, who will be on hand to offer up coping mechanisms to help ease the loneliness.

Speaking last year, George revealed how the contestants had access to a psychologists 24/7, and revealed how they each had to face "their own demons", but in the end they all felt it had a "positive effect" on them.

He said: "They went through pretty much every emotion. They were completely cut off and it was a struggle for some of them. We had psychologists monitoring them 24/7 so they could act if they felt anyone was a danger to themselves or getting freaked out.

"And there were analysts watching it on a delay looking for patterns of behaviour.

"Everyone was coming in with their own battle and they all had to face up to their own demons. But it had a really positive effect on everyone."

The presenter explained how it took them a long time to adjust to normal life after being cut off from the outside world.

He added: "When people came out they were thrown - they were in a daze. It took them a while to get back on to the same wavelength. It's quite an eerie vibe."

'Celebs in Solitary' will be filmed and produced in Belfast, and is due to air later this summer.