BBC Radio 1 is launching a LOLathon ahead of Red Nose Day on March 19.

Scott Mills

Scott Mills

The station has announced plans to create a marathon show that will feature some of the nation’s biggest music and entertainment stars, including Little Mix, Anne-Marie and KSI, to make the UK laugh again and support the annual fundraiser.

Looking ahead to the LOLathon - which will begin on March 5 and run until March 12, culminating in a 24-hour marathon show - Scott Mills and Chris Stark said: "We are setting out to make the UK laugh again and this time the LOLathon is bigger and better than before.

"Last time we did a Knock Knock joke at No.10, Chris went to the holy grail of place names, ‘Muff’ in Ireland, and dressed up in a diving outfit, and yes, there was that episode of Innuendo Bingo that was so rude we promised never to repeat it.

"But this time the carnage lasts a whole week. Superfan Steve has come off furlough to meet Little Mix, the Four Lads in Jeans will be making their Live Lounge debut and Scott will be seeing one for the first time ever.

"Yep. That's happening … see you on the 5th March."

The week-long initiative is designed to bring the country together and is also geared towards celebrating the power of humour in the toughest of times.

Aled Haydn Jones, the head of Radio 1, said: "2021 has been off to a tough start for many of us, so we felt it was time to bring in something to help the UK laugh again.

"The Radio 1 presenter family are ready to take on the task, and with Scott and Chris preparing for another marathon show, it’s sure to be an unmissable week."