Rhian Sugden is pregnant with her first child after six years of IVF treatment.

Rhian Sugden is pregnant with her first child

Rhian Sugden is pregnant with her first child

The 37-year-old former glamour model and her husband Oliver Mellor are thrilled to confirm they are expecting a baby together following eight failed rounds of fertility treatments which left the couple fearing they may never become parents.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Rhian said: "We're over the moon. Our lives are going to change so much, which is very exciting ... I thought I'd never have children, that Oliver would leave me to have a baby with someone else, and I'd die alone."

The couple were previously given a three per cent chance of conceiving naturally after tests showed Rhian had a low egg count and perimenopausal hormone levels. They spent around £130,000 on IVF treatment before they finally got the news they had hoped for.

Rhian revealed she woke up Oliver one morning by waving a positive pregnancy test at him and she started taking several tests a day just to make sure she was really pregnant.

The model added: "It still doesn't feel real. We were convinced it would never happen. But here we are, and we're thrilled."

Rhian previously admitted IVF treatment turned her into a "different person" because she felt low all the time, and her mood was further impacted when she failed to get pregnant.

In an interview with New! magazine, she said: "They changed my injections the second time because they weren't working, so they upped my dose to the maximum they can give anyone. It made me a completely different person. "I was sad all the time and I couldn't drag myself out of bed. It's like the run-up to your period when you're all over the place and you know you're just being a bitch but you can't help it. It was like that for four weeks. "The mood swings were difficult enough and then finding out it hadn't worked was just ... I can't really explain it. You just feel like you've failed as a woman."