Richard Madeley doesn't wear underwear.

Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley

The 62-year-old TV presenter "can't remember" the last time he wore pants, and insists "a lot of blokes" also go commando.

During a discussion on 'Good Morning Britain', which he is co-hosting, about a new study which found 80 per cent of men kept their boxers for over 10 years, he said : "I have been [commando] forever. I can't remember the last time I wore pants.

"I've said this a million times over the years. A lot of blokes don't these days."

Co-host Charlotte Hawkins quipped: "Are you not worried you might split your trousers when you're out and about?"

Speaking about his fake tan fail last on the show last week, the silver fox added: "I could have walked around with my flies undone. That could have been seriously embarrassing."

Last week, the presenter apologised for his "pumpkin-like" tan after a guest asked him if he had been on holiday to Barbados.

He trended on Twitter after he was seen on television with a vibrant orange glow.

Some 'GMB' viewers were less than impressed to hear he snubs underwear while presenting the show.

One wrote: "The last thing I want on a Monday is to find out Richard Madely goes commando#gmb time to switch off (sic)"

Another posted: "Wow. I did not want to know that Richard goes commando (sic)"

One shared: "Richard madeley goes commando - FAR TOO MUCH INFO FOR 6.09 (sic)"

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