Richard Osman has warned the BBC could axe a number of popular shows in 2024.

Richard Osman thinks more BBC shows will be scrapped this year

Richard Osman thinks more BBC shows will be scrapped this year

The 53-year-old presenter and producer - who created and hosted hit quiz show 'Pointless' as well as fronting 'Richard Osman's House of Games' - has weighed in on the broadcaster's future adjusting to less funds than before.

Speaking on his 'The Rest Is Entertainment' podcast, he said: "The BBC has an awful lot less money than it used to, so some stuff has to go.

"The BBC has pretty much run out of money. All those mid-level programmes are sort of done.

"It's too expensive to launch new things with they money they've got so we're going to have the same shows for a very long time. And more topical will be dropping by the wayside."

Just last month, 'A Question of Sport' was cut by the Beeb after more than 50 years on air, with the broadcaster blaming the decision on inflation and poor ratings.

Richard has insisted all programming needs to hit three different markers to earn its place on air.

He added: "Everything has to sing for its supper now. Everything now how to pay its way in three different ways.

"It has to pay its way in ratings, then it has to pay its way in repeatability and it has to pay its way in international sales."

When it comes to 'A Question of Sport' - which was axed after 'Doctors' met a similar fate - a BBC spokesperson did insist it was "not the final whistle" for the show, explaining that the programme was "not being cancelled - it is just not in production at the moment".

The situation has been compared to 'The Weakest Link' - the long-running TV game show - which has had gaps in production.

The spokesperson added: "'Question of Sport' is not going to appear on any other channels. It is the BBC's intellectual property."

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