Richard Osman's upcoming wedding will take place at Goodwood House.

Richard Osman's Goodwood wedding

Richard Osman's Goodwood wedding

According to the Daily Mail's Eden Confidential column, the 'Pointless' host is set to tie the knot with 'Doctor Who' actress Ingrid Oliver, 45, at Goodwood House, the Duke of Richmond’s West Sussex estate.

Richard, 51, - who has two adult children from his previous marriage, met Ingrid when she appeared as a guest on his show, 'House of Games'.

He previously explained: "We were doing an episode and my lovely partner Ingrid whose an actress - she's in 'Doctor Who' and all sorts of things - I saw her name on the list and I'd never met her but I thought 'Oh, I quite fancy her' and she agreed to come on the show and I think were desperately trying not to flirt during the show.

"When it comes along and you know is real and you know its true, you feel very lucky."

The pair announced their engagement in May and are set to walk down the aisle together in December.

However, Richard has previously insisted that the wedding will not be a star-studded affair.

He said: "We're getting married in December, which is lovely and its going to be a very un-showbizzy wedding, just all our school friends. I can't wait."

And speaking about their relationship, he has also said: "I'm happy with myself, I've got these beautiful kids, I've met the woman who I'm going to be with for the rest of my life.

"That thing of competition and ambition, you soon realise that rocket fuel disappears and it's about happiness and my kids bring me happiness and Ingrid brings me happiness."

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