Riverdale has proved to be quite the success through its first season to-date, with viewers still trying to figure out exactly who it was that put a bullet between the eyes of Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines), bringing his life to an early end.

The Riverdale gang

The Riverdale gang

Four episodes of the show are left and a second season has been confirmed, and in the latest episode it was clearer than ever that the families involved in all the drama are utterly different, and fighting against one another whenever they feel it necessary.

Riverdale writer Brian E Paterson noticed how similar the families in the series are to those in Game of Thrones, and so has gone the extra mile in creating four gorgeous family sigils for the Riverdale clans.

House Andrews’ consists of a hammer and nail, while House Cooper has an open book. House Lodge is a simple diamond and House Jones is a snake, obviously in reference to the Serpents.

The colours used – red, blue, yellow and green – are obviously similar to the house colours used in the Harry Potter series. Though the inspiration is clear, it’s nice to have something special to tide us over until the next dramatic episode.

Riverdale continues in the US on The CW every Thursday, with episodes coming to Netflix in the UK every Friday.

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